Failed Drobo 5N2 5 Drive NAS Recovery Case
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This case study explores our solution for a dental clinic whose Drobo 5N2 5 Drive NAS Device, essential for storing data, malfunctioned. It started making a “clicking” noise and then stopped working, blocking access to patient records. At first, we thought it was a simple fault, but lab analysis showed complex disk issues. This report outlines our diagnosis, data recovery efforts, and the insights gained from resolving this critical situation to prevent data loss.

Background of Failed Drobo 5N2 5 Drive NAS Device

A Dental Clinic in Brooklyn came across an issue when their Drobo 5N2 5 NAS Device failed. The device held important customer records, including medical records, which were crucial for the clinic’s operations. They said everything was okay with deciding, but suddenly, the disk started clicking two times and stopped. Then, drives suddenly became unreadable.

This made the supplier unable to access essential data, leading to significant concern. They tried to recover their lost data by trying different troubleshooting techniques found on the device’s support website, but none were successful in solving the problem.

The customer knew the importance of the data in the Drobo NAS device, so they decided to get a professional data recovery service for the device.

Drobo 5N2 Recovery

After thoroughly evaluating all available alternatives, they contacted us to seek our expert data recovery services. Shortly after our first talk to grasp their needs and concerns, we quickly sent a prepaid shipping label. This was to ensure they could securely send their device to our lab for thorough evaluation and recovery.

Evaluation of Failed Drobo 5N2 NAS Device at Our Lab

Upon receiving the Drobo 5N2 5 Drive NAS Device, our team of experts diligently evaluated the device. We carefully inspected its disks and found that they had failed, causing a mechanical issue within the device. This was determined to be the root cause of the clicking sound and subsequent failure of the device.

Drobo NAS 5 Drive

Our team was able to recover the data from the failed disks by using specialized tools and techniques. During our evaluation, we also found that the Drobo NAS had a failed RAID configuration.

This issue is common in these devices, often caused by power surges or hardware malfunctions. Our experts were able to successfully restore the correct RAID configuration and recover all the important data from the failed disks.

Price Quote

Following our comprehensive evaluation, we presented the Dental Clinic with a price quote for our data recovery services. We offered a thorough cost breakdown, prioritizing transparency in our pricing strategy. The customer appreciated our competitive rates and promptly approved the quote, allowing us to proceed with the recovery process.

Data Recovery Process of Drobo 5 Drive NAS

Our team of experts carefully replaced the failed disks with new ones to ensure smooth data recovery. We then utilized our specialized tools and techniques to extract the lost data from the Drobo 5 Drive NAS Device.

Our priority was to recover the crucial medical records for the Dental Clinic, as they were essential for their operations. After several hours of thorough work, we were able to successfully recover all the lost data from the device.

Remote File Verification 

After verifying the integrity of the recovered data, we contacted the customer to inform them that their data was recovered and ready for remote file verification.

Drobo NAS Device Recovery

We provided them with a list of recovered data to ensure they were satisfied with the results before proceeding further. The customer was pleased with the outcome, and we transferred the recovered data to them securely.

Successful Drobo 5N2 5 Drive NAS Recovery

In conclusion, our expert team at our lab successfully recovered the failed Drobo 5N2 NAS device of a dental clinic in Brooklyn. We were able to recover all important medical records, ensuring minimal disruption to their operations. Our comprehensive evaluation, transparent pricing strategy, and specialized data recovery techniques allowed us to deliver exceptional results to our clients.

We offer efficient data recovery services to protect vital business and personal data. Our experience underlines the importance of regular backups and professional assistance for device failures. Trust us to recover data from various devices, ensuring your peace of mind. Secure your data with backups and rely on us for any data recovery needs. Contact us today!

FAQ - Drobo 5N2 5 Drive NAS Recovery

Data recovery time varies with the device’s damage and data volume. After assessing your device, we’ll give an estimated timeline.

Our expert team is equipped with specialized tools and techniques to recover various types of data from different devices, including medical records, photos, videos, documents, etc.

We ensure our clients’ data is safe and confidential. We use secure methods to transfer the recovered data and also provide a remote file verification process so that our clients can review the recovered files before final delivery.

If the device fails, stop using it immediately and seek professional data recovery services. Using a failed device can further damage it and complicate data recovery. Contact us for reliable and efficient data recovery services for your failed Drobo 5N2 NAS Device.

While we cannot guarantee recovery in all cases due to the complex nature of data loss, we do guarantee that if we cannot recover your data, there will be no charge for our recovery attempt. We provide a clear evaluation and recovery prospects before proceeding with any work.