Overloading Severely Damaged LaCie NAS
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Server data storage in network version NAS is a dedicated storage device, the capacity of which is limited only by the number of disk drives used for its organization, which allows remote storage of any user data on its platform and provides continuous access to them to all legitimate users via a network connection.

The organization of a RAID-storage device based on a NAS is mass and applicable in various areas of user activity, both for individual use and for use in companies. The array has high-speed performance, low vulnerability, allows users to operate data with high efficiency, which is why it has received high demand for creating secure and reliable storage tools.

However, despite the reliability of NAS storage and the built-in capabilities of the RAID architecture, which provides access to data in the event of individual failures, information can be lost.

But the crucial data does not disappear without a trace and can be restored. In some cases, it can be returned from the storage if the corresponding feature was previously enabled in the settings. Some sources may advise using third-party data recovery software to restore RAID arrays. But it may overwrite lost data, making the data restoration process impossible. Instead, contact a reliable data recovery company.

RAID Recovery Services provides high-level data restoration solutions for various enterprise-level media storage devices. Our engineers perform all the recovery processes in state-of-art labs using advanced data recovery tools.

NAS LaCie Data Recovery

Over the past week, we received a data recovery request for the LaCie NAS device. The system consisted of two Seagate Barracuda 2000GB hard disk drives. They were combined in RAID 0 to increase the performance. The customer decided to use this configuration as they needed heavy loads, but it damaged the HDDs.

After consulting with our dedicated customer service representative, the client decided to proceed with the expedited evaluation. This inspection option is finished maximum in 8 hours. The client noted that the RAID array stopped showing up in the operating system, and the data became inaccessible.

The customer safely wrapped the device and shipped it to our laboratory. The data recovery team received the hard drives and started diagnostics right away.

The evaluation showed that one of the disks remained functional, but the other failed due to PCB malfunction. The RAID controller was corrupted as well. The inspection finished, and our engineer started the recovery process after receiving approval from the customer.

LaCie NASware Hard Drive PCB Recovery

All hard drives contain microcode. A small part of it is located inside the controller chip on the printed circuit board. Each boot’s service section is checked, containing a list of damaged sectors. The factory firmware also contains system information that determines how the read/write heads perform their tasks most efficiently.

LaCie NAS Recovery Case

Thus, as the PCB of the client’s hard disk drive was damaged, the disk could not perform the read/write operations. This malfunction is solved by replacing the printed circuit board with a new one unsoldered from the same model of a hard drive.

This procedure uses particular heating elements of various shapes with unsharpened edges and controlled temperature or a controlled jet of hot air or inert gas. At the same time, the coating material is blown off by this jet or removed by non-damaging devices.

The described process is performed in our ISO Certified Class 10 Cleanroom. Cleanrooms have the essential features of providing high air purity, which cannot be achieved by conventional construction methods, as well as by general industrial materials and structures.  Our technicians successfully replaced the PCB and started analyzing the available data. The next step was to reconstruct the RAID system.

LaCie RAID Array Recovery

A RAID controller is a card or chip located between the operating system and drives, usually hard drives, that manages a Redundant Array of Independent Disks. It provides fault tolerance in the event of a disk drive failure, as well as an increase in the speed of the disks’ subsystem.

Even though the MTBF of modern high-end drives is colossal, practice shows that they still fail. There are various reasons for this – the life of disks is affected by power supply instability, vibration, on-off cycles, and temperature violations. Our expert reinitialized the array and started to extract all the available data. He recovered 99% of all vital files, and the customer approved them via remote file verification. 

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Frequently Asked Questions

LaCie NAS Recovery is a service for LaCie Network Attached Storage devices that helps users recover lost or deleted data caused by accidental deletion, errors, damage, or software issues.

LaCie NAS Recovery entails shipping the affected NAS device to a specialized lab where trained technicians diagnose the damage and decide on a recovery method. Using advanced tools, they extract and reconstruct lost data, ensuring its recovery in its original form.

Yes, in many cases, data from a damaged LaCie NAS can be recovered using specialized data recovery software or services. The extent and nature of the damage incurred directly influence the effectiveness of the repair process and the success rate.

Data loss on LaCie NAS systems can happen due to hardware failure, accidental deletion, formatting, firmware updates, or system crashes.

Recovery time varies based on the issue’s complexity, data volume, and the recovery method used. It can range from a few hours to several days.