MySQL Database Lost Due to Natural Disaster
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The server is a core of organizations because it stores important information and deploys mission-critical programs. Failure of this equipment can lead to the instability of the entire business. Today, a server is often used to connect an enterprise’s PCs to a single network. It is used as data storage and is a kind of backup base for all network computers.

If a server fails, users should restore vital files from the server as soon as possible. Otherwise, the data stored on it may be lost forever. 

Before restoring the deleted files on the server, you should not run the RAID recovery software, as this process may interfere with executing an action such as restoring the server. Instead, contact a data recovery company providing reliable server-grade hard drive recovery services. 

MySQL Server Data Failure

Recently, our data recovery team received a MySQL Server for an expedited evaluation. The customer owned a medium-sized company that stored their backups on the server consisting of 4 HDDs combined in RAID 5.

After a flood, the client’s data stored on the server became inaccessible. He did not try to restore the data and contacted us right away, which made the data retrieval process more straightforward.

Our technician received the device and started diagnostics. He found out that water leaked into two hard disk drives, causing a short circuit in their electronics. While this might damage the PCB of the HDDs, the data was not lost irreversibly since it was stored magnetically.

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When the evaluation was completed, the engineer decided to restore the files by replacing the printed circuit board with a new one. After that, he had to fix the RAID 5 level accordingly to its parities.

Enterprise-level Hard Disk Drive Data Recovery

The hard drive Controller Board or Printed Circuit Board is located on the base of the hard drive. The PCB’s primary functions are to supply power to the hard drive, maintain spindle motor speed and rotation, and control all internal operations.

emergency raid recovery

When replacing a printed circuit board, it was necessary to check, first of all, some specific parameters.

Regarding server-grade media storage, the number engraved on the printed circuit board must match.

First, the data recovery technician removed the circuit boards from both hard drives.

Our engineer successfully replaced the circuit board and started extracting the data, but he could not access them. Replacing the PCB ended up with a corrupted NTFS file system.

The ability to recover files from damaged NTFS partitions largely determines the MFT table and its backup. An important step is the restoration of the NTFS logical structure, tables of contents, and indexes. Our data recovery expert restored the file systems thanks to years of experience and a cutting-edge lab equipped with advanced data recovery tools. After restoring the failed hard drives, the next step was RAID 5 recovery.

Server RAID Level 5 Data Recovery

To carry out the work safely, we need to evaluate the condition of each drive to choose the best methods for creating sector-by-sector copies. 

To do this, we analyze the SMART readings and check the state of the block of magnetic heads by reading small sections of each of the heads in zones of different densities. 

In our case, all drives turned out to be serviceable after the PCB replacement.

RAID Drives Data Recovery

To optimize the execution time, our engineer created copies of hundreds of millions of sectors from the beginning of the disk. He needed these images for analysis while making sector-by-sector copies of data directories.

The specialist restored the RAID array and recovered the data. The customer reviewed the results and approved them. All his essential data was shipped back, and we destroyed the copies stored on our servers.

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Frequently Asked Questions

This could be due to several reasons, such as configuration issues, server overload, or even corrupt tables. Check the MySQL error log for any critical messages that can help diagnose the issue.

To fix a corrupted MySQL database, use the `mysqlcheck` command to check and repair the database. Running `mysqlcheck -u username -p –auto-repair –check –optimize dbname` can help resolve issues.

MySQL errors can be found in the MySQL error log. The location of this log varies depending on your operating system and MySQL configuration, but it can usually be found in the MySQL data directory.

Databases can become corrupted due to hardware failures, software bugs, power outages, or improper shutdowns, as well as human error. Regular backups and maintenance can prevent data corruption. It’s essential to monitor and maintain databases regularly to prevent data loss.

To restart a MySQL server, you can use the command `systemctl restart mysql` on Linux. On Windows, restart the MySQL service through the Services management console.