Financial Data Restored From Oracle Database
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Oracle Corporation developed the highly sophisticated Oracle Database system. This robust system streamlines complex database management processes. It helps in creating a database’s structure and plays a crucial role in data management.

The system also edits content as necessary and ensures efficient information retrieval and display. Its comprehensive capabilities make it indispensable for advanced data management and analysis in organizations.

Key Features of Oracle Database

  • Real Application Cluster provides a single database instance on multiple grid nodes, allowing load management and flexibly scaling the system if necessary.
  • Automatic Storage Management automatically distributes data across available storage resources, increasing system resiliency and reducing the total cost of ownership.
  • File Accessibility Management can control the access to the data, both at the database level and at lower levels. A system administrator can disable access to a particular folder without affecting other documents.

However, this storage media may require data recovery services regardless of the Oracle database failure tolerance. One of the enterprise-level hard disk drives may fail, making data on the server inaccessible.

Oracle Database Data Failure

Recently, we received a data recovery request for an Oracle database management system based on two enterprise-level HDDs. Each of the hard disk drives with 72Gb volume was assembled in a RAID 0 array. 

The customer saved the indicators of the financial analysis of his company on the Oracle Database.

This valuable information was used to make management decisions and develop a strategy. But a sudden power outage damaged hard disk drives, making the data inaccessible.

The client researched reliable data recovery companies and decided to entrust his device to RAID Recovery Services. 

HP Drive for RAID Data Recovery

After consulting with a customer service representative, the customer decided to proceed with an emergency recovery solution. This option is for those who need to access their files as soon as possible, especially companies that must minimize downtime.

Enterprise-level HDD Data Recovery

Our data recovery team received the hard drives and started diagnostics right away. One of the HDDs had a head crash on the magnetic surfaces. In this case, the technician unsealed the hard disk drive and cleaned the device using an ultrasonic cleaner.

Enterprise Level Hard Drive

The magnetic read/write heads were successfully removed from the magnetic platters. As the customer was aware of the hard drive failure, he did not try to access the drive himself. Thus the platters did not contain circular scratches from the crashed head unit.

Our engineer replaced the block of magnetic heads and their parking space. Then, the specialist read the data dump sector by sector, analyzing all the available data. The next step was to copy the data from hard drives and start restoring the RAID 0 array.

In array configuration level 0, information is divided into blocks of equal length and then written to each disk in the structure.

The primary purpose of this type of RAID system is to increase performance by two times while the full volume of all disks will be available. RAID 0 configuration makes data failure of one disk drive fatal, as it has no redundancy.

RAID 0 Data Restoration

For RAID 0 data recovery, our engineer bypassed the controller encryption, excluding editing their contents. And then, he analyzed all checkpoints MBR, boot sectors, file system headers, partition boundaries, etc. They allow to confirm or deny information about the composition and level of the redundant array for recovering files. 

Sometimes a stripe is called something that is not, such as a SPAN or a group of independent disks JBOD.

Having figured out the overall file image, he proceeded to assemble the array. The file table and other data types of the Oracle database were recovered.

99% of all the files were successfully restored and transferred on a new hard disk drive. The customer reviewed and approved the results, so we shipped his data on an HDD with hardware encryption.

RAID Recovery

RAID Recovery Services provides professional data retrieval solutions for companies of different sizes. Our dedicated data recovery team performs on-site and off-site storage device restoration solutions. The engineers securely and confidentially access all your vital documents and convert them if requested.

Contact our customer service at (866) 352-5009for a consultation, or start your secure data recovery case by filling in the request help form.

Frequently Asked Questions

The Oracle Database, featuring Real Application Clusters and Automatic Storage Management, boosts resiliency by managing load and scaling the system. Yet, hardware failures like hard disk drive issues may still require data recovery services.

Update your Oracle Database at least quarterly for optimal performance and security, though some businesses may need more frequent updates, depending on needs and database complexity.

If your Oracle Database lacks a backup, immediately seek a professional data recovery service. Swift action and regular backups are key to preventing data loss and minimizing business downtime.

Prevent Oracle Database data loss by regularly backing up with RMAN or Data Pump, monitoring for issues, and having a disaster recovery plan for unexpected events.

Data recovery time depends on the extent of the damage, data size, and required recovery methods. Emergency recovery options are available for urgent cases, which can significantly reduce businesses’ downtime.