In the ever-evolving landscape of data recovery, each case presents a unique challenge, demanding a blend of technical expertise, precision, and determination. At PITS Global Data Recovery Services, we pride ourselves on our ability to confront even the most formidable data recovery scenarios.
In this case study, we delve into a recent enterprise-level data recovery assignment that required our team’s unwavering dedication and technical acumen to recover invaluable data from a client’s critically compromised storage system.

Client Profile

Our client, a multinational corporation in the financial sector, heavily relies on a sophisticated storage infrastructure to manage an extensive database of transaction records, customer information, and financial data. At the heart of their data storage needs lay the robust and reliable Dell EMC PowerVault MD3460, a stalwart choice for their critical business data.

This storage system, known for its scalability, redundancy, and reliability, played a central role in ensuring the seamless functioning of the client’s operations. However, as any organization can attest, even the most robust systems are not immune to data loss, and our client encountered a critical storage failure that threatened to disrupt their essential business processes.


The client’s storage system exhibited perplexing and worrisome symptoms that signaled a severe underlying issue. These symptoms included:

  • Sluggish and Unresponsive Access: Users began to experience painfully slow data access, with some critical files and records becoming inaccessible. This resulted in disruptions to daily operations, causing considerable inconvenience.
  • Unusual Mechanical Noises: The storage system started making weird mechanical noises. The clanking and grinding sounds raised some concerns about the reliability and stability of the equipment. It was like a reminder that something was not quite right, so they had to take immediate action to investigate and fix the issue.
  • Frequent Error Messages: Users have been experiencing a significant rise in the occurrence of error messages. These error messages consistently report drive failures and data corruption issues, posing a growing concern for the overall stability and integrity of the system.

1. Evaluation of the Device

Upon receiving the client’s urgent request for data recovery, our team launched into action, initiating a meticulous evaluation of the Dell EMC PowerVault MD3460. This evaluation process was multi-faceted and included the following critical steps:

  1. Visual Inspection. A thorough visual inspection of the storage system was conducted to identify any visible physical damage or external issues. This step is essential to rule out any immediate physical damage that could be contributing to the problem.
  2. Diagnostic Tools. We employed specialized diagnostic tools to assess the health and status of the storage system’s hard drives. These tools provide detailed information about the condition of each drive, helping us identify the root causes of the issue.
  3. Data Recovery Environment Setup. To ensure the utmost integrity of the client’s data during the recovery process, we carefully prepared a controlled data recovery environment. This environment is crucial to preventing further damage to the client’s data during the recovery process.
  4. Data Backup. Before taking further action, we created a complete backup of the affected storage. This preliminary step is critical as it acts as a safety net, ensuring that no data is lost during the recovery process.

2. Root Cause Analysis

Our diagnostic tools quickly pinpointed the root cause of the storage system failure. In a disastrous twist of events, multiple hard drives in the storage system decided to fail all at once, causing a synchronized cascade of data loss. This unfortunate incident not only resulted in the loss of valuable information but also presented a daunting challenge for data recovery.

Since the affected drives were all connected, it required intricate procedures and extensive efforts to retrieve every fragment of the precious data carefully. This highly complex task demanded the expertise of skilled professionals and the use of advanced techniques to ensure the successful restoration of the compromised information.

3. Data Recovery Process

With a clear understanding of the root causes, our data recovery experts initiated the meticulous process of recovering the client’s critical data. This process was multi-faceted and required careful coordination, with each step building on the progress of the previous one. The data recovery process included the following key steps:

  1. Reconstruction of RAID. Given the RAID configuration’s corruption, one of the first critical steps was to reconstruct the RAID configuration. This step was essential in making the data accessible, allowing for the recovery of multiple failed drives.
  2. Data Extraction. To recover the data from the failed drives, we used specialized data extraction tools. These tools allowed us to extract raw data from the damaged drives, irrespective of their previous condition.
  3. Data Reconstruction. With extracted data in hand, we embarked on the challenging task of reconstructing the file system and data structures. This intricate process aimed to salvage as much data as possible, even from the most severely corrupted storage portions.
  4. Data Verification. Following data reconstruction, we conducted a comprehensive data verification process. This step was critical in ensuring the integrity of the recovered data. During this phase, we systematically checked the recovered data for consistency, ensuring that it was error-free and complete.

4. Verification Session for the Client

Before presenting the recovered data to the client, we organized a meticulous verification session to offer the client the reassurance they needed regarding the data’s completeness and integrity. During this session, the following steps were taken:

  1. Data Preview. We provided the client with a preview of the recovered data. This initial look allowed the client to see the scope of the recovery and verify the relevance of the data that had been salvaged.
  2. Data Sampling. To further bolster the client’s confidence, we provided a sample of critical files and records for their examination. This sampling allowed the client to assess the quality of the recovered data firsthand.
  3. Client Approval. After reviewing the preview and sample data, the client approved the data’s integrity. Their approval signaled that they were satisfied with the quality and completeness of the recovered data, moving the recovery process into its final phase.

5. Data Transfer

With the client’s enthusiastic approval, we initiated the final phase of the data recovery process: data transfer. The data transfer process was designed to ensure that the client’s recovered data was securely and seamlessly reintegrated into their existing storage infrastructure. This phase included the following key steps:

  1. Data Packaging. The recovered data was meticulously organized into logical folders and files, maintaining the original structure to the best extent possible. This organization was essential to ensure that the client could quickly locate and use the recovered data.
  2. Secure Transfer. The actual transfer of data was performed with the utmost care and security. Specialized data transfer tools and protocols were employed to prevent data corruption during the transfer process.

6. Results of Our Data Recovery

Our unwavering dedication and exceptional technical expertise culminated in a highly successful and intricate data recovery mission. Faced with a complex storage system failure, we utilized our cutting-edge techniques to meticulously reconstruct the RAID, extract the data, repair the file system, and verify the integrity of the recovered information.

Through our meticulous efforts, we were able to achieve an astounding data recovery rate of 98%, rescuing and restoring a substantial portion of our valued client’s critical data. This remarkable achievement played a pivotal role in not only resolving the immediate crisis but also instilling confidence and peace of mind in our client’s operations.

This comprehensive case study is a testament to PITS Global Data Recovery Services’ unwavering commitment to providing enterprise-level data recovery solutions. 

Our extensive technical expertise, state-of-the-art tools, and rigorous processes were essential in overcoming a highly complex storage system failure. By achieving the recovery of the Dell EMC PowerVault MD3460, we demonstrated our capabilities and unwavering dedication to ensuring data integrity and business continuity for our clients in their times of need.

Choose Our Data Recovery Services

The recovery of our client’s data underscored the critical role that data recovery experts play in today’s data-driven world. If your organization faces a similar data crisis, you can trust PITS Global Data Recovery Services to recover your vital data with the utmost professionalism and technical precision.

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Our experience and dedication make us your trusted partner in navigating the complex terrain of data recovery, no matter the size or complexity of the challenge. Your data is our priority, and we are here to ensure it remains safe, intact, and accessible, no matter the obstacles that may arise.

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