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PITS Global Data Recovery Services, being one of the most dependable recovery companies in the United States, performs data restoration for Virtual Machines. Our data recovery team consists of experts with years of experience in the industry.

Virtualization, and the virtual machine, in particular, expands the capabilities of the IT infrastructure. It will be helpful to software developers, web designers, and those who are planning to switch to a new OS but are not sure which one to choose. 

Advantages of a Virtual Machine

On the VM, you can make snapshots that allow you to roll back to previous configurations. This is convenient if a critical error occurs while testing unstable software. The VM is allocated less disk space, and reverse to an early state is faster.

You can turn off the PC or move on to another task while maintaining the current condition of the machine. If you decide to continue operating, the VM will boot in the state it was in at the time of shutdown.

The machine can be saved or copied as a sandbox. It can be run later or copied to another PC. The specified configurations will be saved. This can be very helpful in a critical situation, like system collapse, when all files become inaccessible.

Each Virtual Machine Executable (VMX) component of a VM contains a Filter Framework that manages the I/O Filter plugins associated with the VM’s virtual disks. The Filter Framework invokes filters when I/O requests occur between the VM and its virtual disks. Thus any disk operations of the VM are intercepted by the filters.

Filters are executed sequentially in a particular order, for example, replication filters first, then caching filters. Several filters can be attached to one virtual disk, but only for one of a specific category. Once an I/O request has been processed by all filters bound to the virtual disk, the request is routed to its destination (to the VM or its disk).

PITS Global Data Recovery Services offers top-level recovery solutions for any failed filter operations. Our engineers are highly qualified and are able to work with such data storage networks, achieving the maximum results in the required time frame.

Our goal is to meet our clients’ requirements, and we have successfully completed it throughout the years in the recovery field.

More Benefits of Choosing Our Services

50+ Offices and Drop-off Points

24/7 Available Emergency Services

Overall 99% Recovery Success Rate

ISO Certified Class 10 Cleanroom

Flexible Recovery Service Options

Risk-free Diagnostics and Evaluation

Thanks to our advanced tools, highly trained experts, and years of experience, we maintain a 99% success rate. Errors caused by the operation of filters may affect the operation of the VMs to which they are attached, but they will not affect the operation of the host and other VMs.

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