Failed Synology DS3622XS++ NAS Recovery
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Losing crucial data, such as music records, can be a devastating experience for both creatives and professionals. This blog post examines a case study where a musician faced such difficulty due to a mechanical failure in their Synology DS3622XS++ DiskStation NAS Storage System. The disk started making a problematic clicking noise and then stopped working altogether.

We delve into the challenges and solutions for retrieving critical music files from a device that suffered a catastrophic failure of its reading and writing heads. Discover the complexities of data recovery from high-end storage solutions in the music industry with us.

Background of Failed Synology DS3622XS++ DiskStation NAS

Recently, a Musician in Miami had trouble with their Synology DS3622XS++ DiskStation NAS Storage System. The device was used to store and back up important music records but suddenly started making clicking noises and stopped functioning.

This unexpected failure caused the musicians to lose access to their valuable data. He tried different troubleshooting methods on the device support website, but none solved the issue.

The urgency of the new project’s deadline forced the customer to contact a professional data recovery service. While Searching the internet, he found our emergency NAS data recovery service.

Failed Synology DS3622XS++ DiskStation NAS System Recovery

After discussing it with our support team, he decided to send the device for evaluation to our lab. We sent him the shipping labels, and he shipped them to us without any delay.

Evaluation of Failed Synology DS3622XS++

Upon receiving the device, our team immediately started evaluating it for potential failure reasons. We first checked the physical state of the NAS device and found no visible damage or signs of mishandling. Next, we examined the internal components of the device and found that the two disks of the device were making clicking noises when powered on.

Failed Synology DiskStation NAS System Recovery

This indicated a serious issue with the reading and writing heads of the disk. We proceeded to perform a logical data recovery attempt, but unfortunately, the device could not be recognized by our systems.  

Price Estimate

We informed the Musician about the mechanical failure of the disk’s reading and writing heads and explained that it would require further physical repair to access the data.

Our team then provided them with a detailed explanation of our recovery process and the estimated time and cost for the recovery. After receiving approval from the customer, we start working on the physical repair of the disk.

Data Recovery Process of Failed DS3622XS++

Since our systems could not recognize the disk, we had to physically repair the reading and writing heads. Our experienced technicians carefully removed the damaged heads and replaced them with new ones from our inventory.

 After completing the physical repair, we were able to access the data on the disk successfully. We then proceeded with our data recovery process and retrieved all the important music records from the hard drives. 

Remote File Verification 

The entire process took us two days, and we provided the customer with a detailed report of our findings.

We also conducted a remote file verification with the customer to ensure that all the recovered data was accurate and complete.  After confirming the data, we securely transferred it to a new storage device provided by the customer. He was relieved and grateful to have his important music records back just in time for his project deadline.

Successful Synology DS3622XS NAS Storage Recovery

This case study highlights the complexity of data recovery from high-end storage solutions in the music industry. The mechanical failure of the reading and writing heads in this Synology DiskStation NAS Storage could have resulted in permanent data loss if not for our experienced technicians and advanced recovery methods.

Our timely and successful recovery allowed the Musician to meet their project deadline and continue their creative work without any interruptions.


In conclusion, the failure of a Synology DS3622XS++ DiskStation NAS Storage System can have severe consequences for individuals and businesses in the music industry. However, with the help of professional data recovery services like RAID Recovery Services, crucial data can be recovered even from devices suffering mechanical failures.

Our team has the expertise and tools to manage complex data recovery cases successfully. Don’t let data loss hold you back. Contact us for all your NAS storage recovery needs.

FAQ - Synology DiskStation NAS Recovery

Mechanical failures in Synology NAS devices can result from physical shock, component wear and tear, manufacturing flaws, or power surges damaging the disk heads.

While we strive to recover all lost data, the success rate can depend on the extent of the damage to the device. In the case mentioned in the blog, we were successful in retrieving all-important music records for the customer.

If you notice any issues, such as unusual noises from the device or inability to access data, it is crucial to power down the device immediately to prevent further damage. Contact a professional data recovery service as soon as possible for an evaluation.

To minimize data loss, position your NAS system in a secure environment away from harm. Regularly back up your data to another device or cloud storage. Also, keep the NAS system’s firmware and disks updated according to the manufacturer’s guidelines to avoid failure.

Absolutely. Data security and confidentiality are our top priorities. We use stringent security measures throughout the recovery process to ensure that your data is protected at all times.